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All you need to do is type the name of the Manager and search for her/him. We will show you a list of Manager’s that fit your search and you can select one from the list, or create a new Manager profile if the Manager that you are looking for has not been reviewed yet.

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Working with Organizational and People Effectiveness experts, we have carefully crafted 10 criterions to Rate the Manager and have also given you ample room to provide real examples, feedback, and any other comments that you would like.


We take your Anonymity very seriously. Research proves that we are the most honest in our review and feedback for others when there is anonymity. We will NEVER display any of your information along with your review, and will show you how your review will be displayed before you submit your review.

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Click here to get started. Just type your Manager’s name and click-on “Find Manager”

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The basic premise of this platform is to improve behavior. “If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It” and we are providing measurable indicators for managers and corporations to analyze and improve. In some sense it is a noble initiative that allow us to become better in what we do, and you can choose to invite your friends and colleagues to help us create a better world. Click here to invite your friends and colleagues.

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We were driven by 2 important research-based evidences 1) 6 out of 10 Employees leave their jobs because of their Managers 2) 9 out of 10 Employees think that their Managers can improve in several areas. These evidences intrigued us to learn more on why such a disparity exists between what our Manager’s deliver and what we expect from them. The primary vision for the company is to make sure the YOUR voice (opinion/feedback) is heard and it counts!
A company without mission is analogous to a human being without motive. We are absolutely mission driven and will do everything that we can to drive transparency, accountability, and better behavior in People and Corporations.
We believe that there are three basic reasons why you should review your manager. All three reasons are driven by the fundamental human tendency of being helpful – to your Manager, to future employees and to the employer.
  1. Helping the Manager better understand her/his strengths and weaknesses. Feedback is critical for realization and growth – be it humans or machines, and by providing this important feedback you are playing a very important role in the Manager’s evolution.
  2. Enabling new employees that are planning to join the Manager’s team help make an informed decision. We check reviews on Amazon more often than not before buying a new product, but when we are switching to a new job all we do is go by the face value of the company without actually getting to know about how it is to work with this Manager. We read reviews for a new iPhone case that is worth $10 and is easily replaceable for the most of us, but pretty much make a blind decision when taking up a new job that accounts for 30-50% of our active hours for the next few years – which is unacceptable.
  3. Allowing Corporations to get real time feedback on Managers and help them act in real time. Annual Reviews for Employees in corporations are broken, standard review formats where you are constrained by how much you can say because they know who you are. We offer you a platform to review anonymously whenever you want, you do not have to wait for a year to highlight your excitement or concerns.
NO. We take your privacy and anonymity very seriously, and under no circumstance will we display any information about you. Everything about you remains anonymous.
We follow all the standard security protocols to ensure that there is an actual person who is submitting a review. In addition, we have 3 levels of verification which you can see below:
  1. Verified Reviewer: Verify users email address or phone or LinkedIn profile.
  2. Verified Professional : Verify the user either through the company email address or LinkedIN.
  3. Verify that the reviewer and the person reviewed worked in the same organization at the same time using LinkedIn or other credible technology platforms (not implemented yet and is expected to be implemented soon).
We are equally annoyed by the barrage of notifications that we get from apps and websites, and being a mission-driven organization, our intent is not to annoy but inform you only when there is a consequential event. We will notify you when the following occurs:
  1. Anytime that a user likes, dislikes or comments on your review.
  2. Another user reviews the Manager that you have reviewed.
  3. Any friends or colleagues that you have invited submit a review.
  4. There are more than 10 new reviews for the company that you work for.
  5. Job opportunities only if you sign up for it.
We are in this for the longer run, however, in the unlikely scenario that we get acquired we will live up to our promise of anonymity and will not publish or display any of your information with your reviews.
Given the anonymity of the platform, we can tell you where we are coming from and not who we are. The company was founded by two engineers who have worked for/with a variety of small and large companies across several industrial sectors. Yin while working for a top-tier consulting firm worked for a horrible manager while Yang working for startups worked with the best of managers. We are firm believer that professional human behavior is driven by incentives and this platform provides Yin's Manager's with feedback on how to become better and provides Yang's Manager's with validation and the boost to continue being awesome.

InKnown (INsider KNOWN or Known by Insiders) is a platform that allows users to anonymously review the people that they work or have-worked with. We are focused on reviewing Manager’s, which is a small subset of the overall employees of a company but have the highest impact compared to any other role within any organization.